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  • Compatible with the TT-400 and TT-500/600 Series
  • Increases the reception distance between Monitor/Display and wireless sensors
  • A Signal Booster is generally used in longer applications, metal skin coaches, or trailers
  • This booster is simply installed with 2 wire connections (positive and negative)
  • MH’s - recommended to mount it as far back and as high as possible
  • 5th Wheels/Trailers - recommend to mount close to the front and as high as possible

All Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) sold on the market today either include or have available as an option a Signal Booster (also known as Echo Repeaters). A Signal Booster is an additional component that helps 'boost' the signal from the sensors to the Monitor. Because the sensors transmit the signals wirelessly at 433.92 Mhz, there can be many factors which can interfere with this signal. This interference is similar to interference you may experience with a Wifi signal - it may come and go.


All TPMS manufacturers list operating distances between sensors and the monitor with some claiming up to 300'. This is misleading, because the distances are based on a Direct Line of Sight, which means that there is absolutely nothing in the way of the sight line. This is impossible, because there will always be some type of interference between, whether it be structural, mechanical or electronic.


No manufacturer or dealer can guarantee whether a Signal Booster is required or not. With our many years of experience, we have learned that there is a strong possibility that most configurations and RV's will require a Signal Booster. 


Also, the addition of a Signal Booster will help you get longer life from the sensor batteries. Just like a cellphone, when the phone is searching for a signal, the battery life of the phone will diminish more rapidly. The same scenario exits with the CR1632 battery life of the tire sensor. 


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