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TireTraker™ TPMS
, a division of RV Safety Accessories Inc., has long been the leader in Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems with it's unequaled customer service and 7 day per week technical support. TireTraker™ TPMS offers systems for every aspect of the vehicle market, including RV's, Toads, Trailers, Trucks, Automobiles and Motorcycles.

Our systems offer visual and audible alarms for low pressure, high pressure, and high temperature as well as rapid pressure loss. All TireTraker™ TPMS monitors are rechargeable with a battery life of up to 30 days on a single charge. Also, all of our Tire Sensors are interchangeable allowing the customer to switch options at any time. Tire Sensors have user replaceable batteries providing lower operating costs and weigh in at just 0.5 ounces, the smallest and lightest on the market.

The TireTraker™ TT-600 is our Latest, New & Improved Premium TPMS with a "Lifetime Warranty". With an updated User Interface from our TT-500 System, the TireTraker™ TT-600 has the capability of reading both the Pressure and Temperature of each tire at the same time. Updated programming offers increased signal distance with less interference and quicker real-time updates. The TireTraker™ TT-600 measures pressures up to 232 psi and includes temperature monitoring as well. With the 'Automatic Update Feature' the current pressures and temperatures will display on the screen within 10 minutes after powering up the Monitor and will continue updating automatically thereafter. Our goal was to make the TireTraker™ TT-600 the most reliable and user friendly TPMS on the market today, and also offer our unprecedented "Lifetime Warranty".

With this "Lifetime Warranty", as the only company in the industry to offer this on a TPMS, TireTraker™ and the TT-600 are seeking to change the landscape of Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems. We back that up with over 15 years of market experience.

The TireTraker™ systems are capable of monitoring real-time tire pressures and temperatures. The Monitor displays each tire's pressure and temperature per tire position and will display an audible and visual alert if tire pressure or temperature changes. With this information, the driver may have the opportunity to make any necessary adjustments before a serious problem occurs.

The number one cause of early tire failure is low pressure and the TireTraker™ systems can provide the driver in advance of possible problems and also assist in maintaining proper pressures in all vehicle tires. Although the driver can check for proper pressures while the vehicle is parked, only the TireTraker™ systems can check for proper pressures while the vehicle is travelling, when most tire problems occur.

TireTraker™ systems include wireless Tire Sensors, which simply replace your valve cap on each tire stem, a Monitor (excluding the TT-3000), A 12 Volt Signal Booster, a 12 Volt USB Power Cord for recharging the monitor, a Mounting Bracket, and Sensor Batteries and Locks. Each Sensor transmits a secure, wireless Radio Frequency signal to the Monitor and will deliver an alert if the tire pressure drops, the tire pressure increases or tire temperature increases.

When used properly, the TireTraker™ systems can assist in maintaining proper pressurization in all vehicle tires, resulting in less tread wear and increased fuel mileage. Purchase one now for your RV, Toad, Truck, Trailer, Automobile or Motorcycle and travel safer and smarter.

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Maintenance package MAINTENANCE PACKAGE
Recommended yearly maintenance!
Extend the life of your sensors. Included in our Maintenance Package are 12 CR-1632 Batteries, 12 O-Rings, 12 Sensor Seals, and 12 Sensor Caps. Buy as a package and save $7.00 over individual pricing.
Sensor batteries SENSOR BATTERIES - CR1632
Shop Around!
Sensor batteries will usually last about 1 year, maybe a little longer. Remember, as the battery ages, the voltage drops and you may begin losing signals. Purchase a 5-Pack below for just $10.00.


“We just want to pass along how wonderful your product is, and more importantly, to thank you for the superb service and support after the sale. We can't be happier with our decision to choose TireTraker.”
Stan ~ Rockford, IL

“Appreciate all your help and forwarded your info to my friend who just experienced a blowout. I have studied systems for months and yours seems to be the easiest and best.”
Marvin ~ Daphne, AL

“Last fall we had a tire lose most of its air and TireTraker saved the day for us. Thank you for a great product.”
Arvin ~ Long Beach, CA

Our Mission Statement

Mission statement

TireTraker™, a subsidiary of RV Safety Accessories Inc. is committed to supplying our customers with the finest,
high-quality TPMS products at an affordable cost with the best warranties in the business. Our goal is to always
treat our customers in the way in which we would want to be treated, adhering to the highest ethical conduct
in all of our business dealings.


We have been selling Quality safety products to consumers since 2004, and are proud to offer 7 day per week
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