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Finally - An Affordable Alternative:  The TireTraker™ TT-400C Tire Pressure Monitoring System

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The TireTraker™ TT-400C is a wireless electronic tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) capable of monitoring real-time tire pressures and temperatures. The Monitor displays each tire's pressure and temperature per tire position and will display an audible and visual alert if tire pressure or temperature changes. With this information, the driver may have the opportunity to make any necessary adjustments before a serious problem occurs.

The TireTraker™ TT-400C can monitor not only your RV tires, but it can also monitor your trailer and tow vehicles. It can also be used to monitor trucks, boat trailers, motorcycles and other utility vehicles. The system can monitor from 4 tires up to 22 tires with a pressure range of 0 psi to 145 psi, and a temperature range of 14F to 185F.

The number one cause of early tire failure is low pressure and the TireTraker™ TT-400C can provide the driver in advance of possible problems and also assist in maintaining proper pressures in all vehicle tires. Although the driver can check for proper pressures while the vehicle is parked, only the TireTraker™ TT-400C can check for proper pressures while the vehicle is travelling, when most tire problems occur.

The TireTraker™ TT-400C complete package consists of wireless Tire Sensors, which simply replace your valve cap on each tire stem, a Monitor, a 12 Volt Power Cord for recharging the monitor, a Pedestal Mounting Bracket, and Sensor Batteries and Locks. Each Sensor transmits a secure, wireless Radio Frequency signal to the Monitor and will deliver an alert if the tire pressure drops, the tire pressure increases or tire temperature increases.

When used properly, the TireTraker™ TT-400C can assist in maintaining proper pressurization in all vehicle tires, resulting in less tread wear and increased fuel mileage. Purchase one now for your RV, truck, trailer or tow vehicle and travel safer and smarter.

To learn more about the the TireTraker™ TT-400C, please be sure to check out the Advantages our system delivers.

Let's Be Honest . . . .

We want you, the consumer, to know the truth. We do not manufacture the TireTraker™ system, nor do the 2 other companies that sell this same system under a different name (one even claims they are the manufacturer as seen on a video on their website). They also claim that their system is better, with improved software and upgrades - once again, not true.  We all import the system from the same overseas manufacturer, and we each distribute the system under our own name. The features and operation of each system is exactly the same, in spite of what any other distributor may tell you (one even advertises to "Be Aware of Look-A-Likes."  Just a scare tactic - all 3 are the same). The only difference you will find is the cost and length of warranty, which we all control individually. We have sold Tire Monitoring Systems for 9+ years, and decided to offer the TireTraker™ System to our customers because we believe it is the best value and we are able to offer it at a fair price, saving you money. Beware of others who offer gimmicks (free batteries for so many years, but only if you send in the old) that make you jump through hoops to save money.  We save you money when it counts - From the very beginning.  Just do the comparisons and look at our reviews on our Testimonials page.

We travel to RV Shows, Rallies and other venues across the USA to demonstrate and sell the TireTraker™ system directly to our customers, and have all of our products in stock and ship the same day or next. We are also available 7 days per week to answer any questions you may have. Some of our competitors say that this is not the way to do business, but we have been doing business this way for years, and believe it's the best way because we are out in front of our customers every day. When you call us (again 7 days per week - can they say the same?), we will always be forthright and honest with you, and that is why we have developed an excellent reputation throughout the years -again see our reviews. We will not disparage another company or distributor (like many others will), because we believe you should not have to do this to sell your products, and we simply do not believe in doing business that way.   

We hope you give us an opportunity to earn your business, and if you decide to purchase elsewhere, we wish you safe travels down the road. Thanks for listening . . . .